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I had this problem I tried manually cleaning the aquarium…stones..the decorative items etc repeatedly Nothing worked I added two small tank cleaner fishes In imy aquarium i have only gold fishes The tank cleaners cleared up the brown algae (diatoms) within 24 hours No more of this prob. I ended up trying to maintain a 6.7 gallon aquarium all on my own without her help and had to deal with a myriad of re-occurring problems. Feeding should be on a two day interval add janitors if needed( Cory catfish funnel snails are good they promote airiation to the substrate an they are not plant eaters they only eat algae. Do you have Hard Water? Getting rid of algae can be seen as a purely aesthetic exercise. How to clean algae off of rocks, ornaments, walls and the bottom of your freshwater tank using Nerite Snails. Shady, unlit areas often contribute the most to the spread of Brown Algae. I have a 30 gal tank. , I think a big one as well depending on the size of the tank is taking the time to try and brush off some off the algae on your plants. Up to 8 hours of sufficient lighting on a daily basis is recommended. What small algae eater fish did u add to ur goldfish tank as I have same setup thanks, Thanks for all the great info. You can evacuate the brown algae using either suction or your hand. Dont think of this as cruel: Its very hard to starve a fish, and by limiting waste in their tank you are creating a healthier environment for them. My problem has greatly decreased by buying a Green Machine UV sterilizer for about 40 bucks. Cleaning the filters and changing water regularly ensures flow of clean water that is free from silicates and nitrates. With 1 betta fish – what or how much epsom salt could I add to the water to get rid of the brown algae? Brown algae develops in aquariums with high nitrates and sometimes those with high silicon levels. Betta Fish, for example, are known for breathing at the surface. Some fish owners, simply allow for their fish to eat it up. The easiest and the quickest way to remove brown algae from your fish tank is by using a vacuum. This will ensure the brown algae is ‘starved’ and not able to regain growth in the aquarium. If there are no corals or plants in the aquarium, you can reduce lighting to just 6 hours per day to help in removing the algae. After removing the algae it is imperative to keep a low nitrate environment. I am willing to commit at this point to an algicide to eradicate this pestilence once and for all. It is a healthy type of algae that every tank will most likely experience to some degree. I have top of the range plant LED light on my tank for 9 hours a day … also doesn’t get rid of brown stuff (not an algae so I’m told) I suspect our tank water may be high in silicates (I water change 10-20% twice a week and vacuum up any waste), but don’t know how to test for this – can anyone help on that one? Obviously, she was clueless about what was required to maintain an environment where fish can survive. I would like to add that Cory cats are not algae eaters. Where did it come from?? Required fields are marked *. If anything, it serves as a warning sign of a potential maintenance issue that you’ll need to address. The plecostomus, a large, attractive and friendly algae-eater is an excellent choice. Can’t Get Rid of Brown Algae in your Fish Tank – Try This! And pleco’s don’t necessarily become aggressive. One of the best ways to remove brown algae is by physically removing the accumulated brown algae from the aquarium. This is by far the main factor in the removal of Brown Diatom Blooms. That said, most Brown Algae will be easy to remove just by wiping it off, vacuuming serves as a more thorough way of removing the Brown Algae burrowed within your tank’s gravel. Low levels of oxygen can lead to the creation of Brown Algae and usually a result of overstocking your aquarium. You might be expecting that these brown algae get into the tank through the fish, the fish feed, the plants, or other things that you put into the receptacle, including decorations. Turn lights off! ), We also decreased lighting and that seemed to helped but only with the green algae. If you have a freshwater aquarium and non-aggressive fish, an algae eater can be an attractive, practical and chemical-free solution to overgrowth of orange algae. Always change the water and clean the aquarium at least twice per week. Also lower temp also kills algae …75° an lower 70° higher temp promote growth 76° 89°. So it begins…. A Brief Guide On Dealing With Brown Algae In Your Aquarium, Thankfully, there are few things you can do to help get rid of Brown, Some Things To Help Get Rid Of Brown Algae In Your Fish Tank. It’s tedious but if you are having growing issues and your plants are covered in the stuff then their growth will be reduced, how do you test for silica and what kind of filter insert to also help get rid of brown algae. A dip in a weak (5 to 10 percent) bleach solution for a few minutes will often kill this type of algae. Some aquarists even let certain species of algae … Essentially, these are used to promote water flow within a tank, which in turn circulates oxygen more efficiently. Nitrate level need to be decreased to control brown algae which can be done by adding a few drops of vodka in the water. If your tap water contains silicates it will be necessary to use RO water during water changes. Insufficient CO2 in your fish tank, for example. Stir in the required amount of water ager into the water (it should say it on the back of the bottle or under the label). Use a suction or your hand to remove the algae. My tank also maintains a temp of 64-66F. If you want to get rid of them you have to completely scrub them out. I hope you love the products I recommend! One of the best ways to remove brown algae is by physically removing the accumulated brown algae from the aquarium. As a new tank matures, Brown Algae are often eliminated naturally by plants and green algae competing for nutrients in the water, such as nitrite and nitrate. It’s not just because they’re an unwelcome guest in your aquarium, it’s also because most methods used to remove other types of algae aren’t very effective in getting rid of brown algae. Freshwater, which contains trace minerals, will go a long way in terms of promoting vitality for your fish. Your email address will not be published. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Different kinds of algae thrive in different aquarium conditions. They can be pricy, but are worth the investment, especially if you have a large aquarium. Just because your aquarium’s water is clear, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s clean. AquariumInfo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The thing about fish tank algae is that there are many different types. Its a colony of diatoms. Adding a filter is easy and for the most part hands-free way to improve the environment of your aquarium. Once everything has been cleaned, put back all the items and refill the tank. I have vodka! Why is There Brown Algae in Your Fish Tank? For sudden diatom blooms, you can perform a 50% water change daily for up to three days. These fish are great for keeping Brown Algae to a minimum because they use it as a food source. Also, if the problem is because of the high levels of silicates in the reservoir, you can use resin. You are probably familiar with a practice of adding to the tank catfish, algae, or shrimps to combat algae. Always try to avoid positioning your fish tank in direct sunlight. Simple way to know, does your shower head clog up with crust? The list above outlines just a few ways of containing an outbreak. Most of these methods aim to cut the nutrient supply for brown algae. Hair algae most frequently starts to appear in your fish tanks when you’ve recently cycled the tank. Java Moss and Anubias plants serve as a good place to start. What ratio to gallons and it’s frequency. Do not offer extra food to the fish. However, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Is Brown Algae in a Fish Tank Good or Bad? I’m afraid I will have to scrap this tank and start over. Overcrowded tanks have a tendency to lead to an overabundance of fish-waste (excess nutrients), which can contribute also to the development of Brown Algae. Remove the ornaments from the bleach solution and rub them down with a soft sponge under running water before rinsing thoroughly. P.S. Or, should I give my fish a temporary home, clean the tank, refill the water, then treats the water ? As with any algae, keeping the tank clean and performing regular partial water changes are the best preventative measures. Epsom salt: Use 1 tsp per 10 gallons of water. Brown algae usually resemble a fine dust ranging from light to deep brown. Appreciate all the feedback & comments, great stuff to consider in the quest to eradicate brown algae. Thank you for sharing been having this problem for weeks cleaned it out once only to return days later. Listed below are some of the best ways to remove brown algae from the aquarium. They don’t discriminate. Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Brown Algae is more of a nuisance than anything else. Determine the different colors of algae in your tank. As mentioned above light can be one of the reasons that hair algae appear. On the other hand, excessive levels of lighting can also contribute to the growth of other forms of algae. There are better, natural ways to tackle the problem. Along the same line of reasoning … You could spend money for a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tester, but really, hard water should be fairly obvious. Thank you for sharing. I believe someone mentioned a mystery snail to me once, but snails make me nervous because I have had them completely infiltrate my entire tank & filter system before so haven’t had any for years. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Second, it looks horrible and contributes to the overall uncleanliness of your aquarium. An aquarium that is regularly cleaned will at least curb the rapid growth of Brown Algae if, in fact, it does exist. I’ve split this into two parts for you: Gravel and Sand. What kind of tank cleaner fishes did you get? Be sure to use salt mixtures and rocks that do not have silicate content. This all started because my teenage daughter brought home a goldfish bowl with 8 fish in it. Soak for 10-20 minutes until you see the brown algae floating to the surface.