The story behind Necropolis is most impressive. New Orleans is known for having several spooky homes and events so is a perfect spot to visit if you're looking for this on your trip. With a slew of frightening characters roaming the “monster midway” and plenty of food, drink, and shopping, Seven Floors of Hell in Ohio presents an entire evening of frights and literal chills! We rank the best & scariest haunted houses in the US. Because you will…over and over! © 2019 FrightFind, All Rights Reserved. If you're looking for a haunted place or attraction to visit near you, check out these real-life haunted houses, hotels, hospitals, prisons, restaurants, and more across the country. Pennhurst Asylum is one of the best haunted houses in the country. You’ll get your chance if you try your luck inside Dr. The house is rumored to be … The Asylum & Hotel Fear in Las Vegas brings Sin City to a terrifying new level of depravity! Runner Up: The Darkside Haunted Estates in Middlesex, NC, More Top Haunted Houses in North Carolina. Different ticket packages can have the most hardcore haunted attraction fans choosing between six sinister scenarios to put themselves in! Get as many friends as you can and try to stick together and not lose your way in this chilling abode of the damned. Runner Up: Dead Land in Lebanon, TN, Chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the Scariest Haunted Attractions in the United States, Thrillvania is certainly bringing the scares to the Dallas area. For 2019 this award-winning haunted attraction is going all out with a theme dubbed “Midnight Falls.”  A fictional town trapped in 1985, haunt-goers have their pick among some of the most terrifying frights out there! Entrance to all of those is included in admission. Last Ride Zip Line releases you at over 6 miles high! Runner-Up: The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor in Long Beach, CA, Ranked #1 Must-See 2019 haunted attraction in the state of Colorado, Hellscream is a sprawling abode of the damned featuring some of the most state of the art horror special effects that have ever been used for a haunted attraction! Runner Up: Haunted Mansions of Albion in Albion, ID. . On-site Necropolis offers FIVE haunted attractions: The House, The Cemetery, The Factory, The Hotel and Maintenance Man’s Revenge. Attraction times vary but expect over a ninety-minute haunted attraction experience at the Scary Acres where they pride themselves as more of a Halloween theme park rather than just another haunted house. Profiled in such media outlets as the Travel Channel, Making Monsters, and the iconic Fangoria Magazine, Bennett’s Curse is celebrating its 18th season in scaring up Baltimore residents. Considering that one of the three Las Vegas houses offered here is an R-rated haunted house, you already have an idea of what you're in for.People have said it feels like a near-death experience, which explains the waiver you have to sign so actors can push you, cover you in a slimy substance, and have you walk through electric chains where you can get shocked. VIP ticket plans are available and an absolute must for this horror crowd-pleaser. In the 1970s, a farmer had his lands severed by a state highway that cut through his property. Will Farmer McCall make your group his next victims? Chromophobia is a 3D haunted attraction that takes you as reveler through the brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras. The story with this attraction is that inside the former laser tag arena was a realm known as Azra. Get ready for goosebumps when you visit the most haunted places in America. Camp Mary Lee is the bloodiest backwoods campground that boasts of bloodthirsty spirits. Larger than life haunts are the star of Haunted Overload….literally! With over 30 rooms in a jaw-dropping 30,000 plus square feet of horror, Evil Visions is one vastly awesome and scary good haunted attraction. Best of all, private fire pits are available to rent on-site for those who love nothing more than revel others with the ghostliest tales imaginable! Don’t miss what they have to offer this year, but you’ll only want to take the bravest of friends. Find some of the places that make the bravest scare seakers tremble in their boots. “There are from 20 to 25 talented actors roaming the halls of Carpenter’s Mortuary Spook House each night.”, FrightFind It: Carpenter’s Mortuary in Gentry, AR Runner Up:  The Hex House in Tulsa, OK. Ranked as one of the top haunted attractions for 2017 and 2018 by FrightFind, Fearlandia in southern Portland is without a doubt the capital of scares in the Pacific Northwest. Home to five separate haunted houses at one event, The Fear Farm delivered an eventful night of screams, laughs…and yes…intense moments of FEAR! FrightFind brings you closer to the paranormal by finding and reviewing the scariest haunted houses, fear attractions and haunted hotels near you. Voted the #1 Haunted Attraction in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune, Buzzfeed, and USA Today, Basement of the Dead is king when it comes to knowing how to do scares right! Legitimately haunted by former asylum patients from its bloody past, the Asylum is ratcheting up the real-life fears to give you, even more, to scream about! This Halloween season, we DARE you to go to a haunted haunted house, and Pennhurst Asylum is one of the BEST! Frightmare Asylum is a heart-pounding tour into the sick sad world of medical mishaps and malpractices so disturbing many people refuse to enter from pure fright. Named the Best Extreme Haunted Attraction by USA Today, the Field of Screams in Mountville outside Lancaster is the best of the best when it comes to haunted attractions in not only Pennsylvania but the entire United States! Everyone’s favorite decapitated Hessian Soldier has his own haunted house. The real world seems scary enough these days. Spoiler Alert: I’m afraid what has died surely didn’t stay dead! Horror legends come alive in The Hallow, which is so frightening that nobody under 12 years old is allowed. Hellscream also has various haunted themed escape rooms for those looking to get out in a hurry as well as the ever-popular Zombie Laser Tag. is unique in that it occupies a historic 1929 building that once actually served as the Funeral Home for Gentry, Arkansas. FrightFind It: Nightmare at 3008 in Fultondale, AL Ever thought, "What are the best haunted ... we've rounded up the most haunted places in America that you ... this French Quarter fixture gets referred to by locals simply as the "Haunted House." Runner Up: Field of Screams in Maize, KS, Ranked #1 in not only the state of Kentucky but also #1 in the city of Louisville. Runner Up: Sinister Tombs in Eastview, KY. The Haunted Fields! Prepare yourself for the biggest screaming season in Haunted history. Runner Up: Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction in Fremont, OH. Over forty acres of bloodthirsty haunted attraction action highlight what is the largest haunt in the entire state of Oklahoma. It is called the “city of perpetual darkness”. Tatseena’s Serpent Sirens are a theatrical belly-dancing troupe that perform with swords, snakes, and more! This is a horror lovers’ dream come true! This haunt is well-built, and definitely designed with terror in mind. FrightFind It: Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC Celebrating thirty years in the business of scaring you senseless every Halloween season, the Haunted Forest is one you’ll never forget, or forgive after they terrorize you all night long! You are going to need it as you enter a run-down church that is now a stronghold for Satan himself. The actors really knew how to use the space they had and had us on edge most of the way through! The House of Horrors has earned several awards including a spot on the Top 11 Best Haunted Houses in America from Reader's Digest. . This haunted attraction provides one helluva backstory that is a sure smash hit with any haunted attraction junkies who are looking for just a little bit more. FrightFind It: Psycho Path in Sperry, OK 3. Are you looking for the scariest, best, and biggest haunted attractions in near you then look no further! Runner Up: Acres of Terror in Leonard, ND. Just kidding,” says Bookout. Runner Up:  Cutting Edge in Fort Worth, TX. One of the most immersive haunted attractions in the entire state of South Carolina, MadWorld brings the scare factor to never before seen heights. Escape the nefarious Butcher, survive the Hobo Village untouched, pass the Buried Alive Cemetery without falling into an open grave, before arriving at your final destination….Clowntown! America Haunts, the association of nation’s premier haunted attractions, announces the top five haunted houses for 2019 that take fright to a whole new level. Runner Up: Fright Nights in Daniels, WV. Tharr she blows! Visit to read 100's of articles about haunted houses. The Dark Harvest has frightening vampires lurking with every turn. Take your bravest friends because you’ll need them to make it through the Asylum. Psycho clowns just wanting to show you their hideous faces under those demented smiles. >>> Top 10 Best & Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in The World 2019 – 2020 <<< Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Photo & Spooky Story) 15. Frightening Ghost Town! America Haunts, a national association comprised of the leading haunted house professionals, has named the top four extreme haunted houses of 2019. Charlie Bookout tells us that Carpenter’s Mortuary Spook House is unique in that it occupies a historic 1929 building that once actually served as the Funeral Home for Gentry, Arkansas. Ranked Florida’s #1 Haunted Attraction and USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Top 20 Haunt in the entire U.S., Enigma Haunt is critically acclaimed and brutally terrifying! Fans of the horror film Rust can actually check out some places in this haunted attraction that were actually used for the film. I can definitely say whatever was going on up there was in your face! Inferno 3D takes you on a visceral ride into the fires of Hell as you journey through the abode of the damned. Runner Up:  The Fear Farm in Lexington, SC, More Top Haunted Houses in South Carolina. Be prepared for mutated monsters and gore! Creeping into its fourth year as Boise’s premier haunted indoor attraction, the Requiem Haunted House is a multilevel fear factory for the wannabe fearless. Can you survive this forthcoming flood of fright? Voted Long Island’s #1 Largest Indoor Haunted Attraction, the Chamber of Horrors brings you the scariest in haunts. The creature design and makeups were outstanding! The building used as this modern-day house of horrors is an actual haunted location with a sinister past. Ever wonder what sound your voice makes after it gives out from screaming? Cursed, Twisted Mayhem, and Realms of Terror take more than an hour to complete and will leave you shaken to the bone….that is if you can endure all three levels! Selected by horror magazine icon Fangoria as one of the best haunted attractions in America, Dent Schoolhouse certainly does not disappoint. I♥Halloween > Halloween Attractions > America’s Best Haunted Attractions > America’s Must See Haunts (Last Updated 9/28/19) No matter which state you reside in, the Halloween Season is an endless celebration that takes place all Fall long. This is a scream park not taken lightly. FrightFind It: Scary Acres in Omaha, NE For 2019 a disgustingly contagious zombie virus has corrupted a horde of mental patients on the brink of escape! Frightworld has been recognized by Buzzfeed, Travel Channel and as one of the top haunted houses in the Executive Producer Andy is terrified when he's sent to haunted houses every October, but it's really fun for Ellen! Look for a quick escape inside the Midnight Mortuary House! I contributed to this article which features one great haunted house to attend every year. FrightFind It: Enigma Haunt in Boca Raton, FL. Want to promote an upcoming event? But at FrightFind we are only going to recommend to you the absolute very best in terror-filled, scream-worthy, haunted house attractions to check out. The real-life Shadow Man coming for his next victim? That is until the Halloween season hits and this location becomes a total fright fest! FrightFind It:  Destination Haunt in Lebanon, ME Halloween is upon us, and the reason for the season is…FEAR. FrightFind It: Fear Asylum in Brookings, SD If you make it through, the final test of the Ghost Town will test the mightiest mettle of any veteran haunted attraction goer. The producers of the Beast created their first haunt in 1975, Edge of Hell, now the oldest commercial haunt attraction still operating in the country. While wearing the necklace the actors can actually touch you or grab you! Funhouse of Fear will bring the frights of a freak show gone amok. We’ve been considering a Scary Overload paranormal exposé…stay tuned! This haunted attraction was also one of the most beautifully lit shows we had ever seen! Runner Up: Circle of Ash in Central City, IA. Each separate site contains five haunted houses in one, however, each location is different. David Moscow’s directorial debut thriller “DESOLATION” releases January 26th! So run, don't zombie walk, if you want to experience all this Washington haunted house has in store! Set on a real-life haunted plantation, the Haunted Plantation has developed a reputation for being the top haunt on the entire Hawaiian Islands. Enjoy! Featuring 5 award winning haunted attractions this is America’s biggest and best indoor screampark. Chainsaw-roaring madmen are hellbent on giving you and your friends the scariest night of your life! Editor’s Note: We’ve put them in no particular order, as these haunts are all worthy of a number one spot. It was initially an institute for the mentally and physically disabled, opened in 1908. Haunted Hayride takes you and your friends on the deepest and darkest journey into the night where a demented assortment of redneck pig butchers, psycho clowns, and demonic creatures of the night await your every turn. What’s that clawing sound? We’ve put our heads together over here at Scary Overload to again bring you the TOP, the BEST, and the SCARIEST haunted attractions for 2019! Creepy trails highlight this haunted attraction as does a seasonal hayride where your best running shoes are encouraged because you never know exactly who….or what….you will have to run from in the dead of night! Get ready for goosebumps when you visit the most haunted places in America. You’ll have to brave up and find out for yourself. Cursed Graveyard! FrightFind It: Legends of Fear in Shelton, CT The actors are top-notch! Midnight Terror described in one word? Menacing psychopath students who will go as far as they can to get that A+ in bloody screaming. Haunted Hayride is an absolute must-do in this surprisingly spaced out haunted attracted. These are the scariest haunted houses in Ohio We've compiled a creepy list of all the biggest, baddest, spookiest places haunting the Buckeye State in 2019. This is no ordinary cornfield to visit alone at night, at the Field of Screams bringing friends is an absolute must. Themes vary from year to year on this haunt, but (un)lucky attendees who are brave enough to test their fear factors can expect to run afoul of so many ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and demented horror freaks that you are bound to have nightmares! Fear Factory SLC also offers several experiences you won’t find anywhere else: Last Ride Zip Line & The Fear Fall. FRIGHTWORLD is the Best Haunted House in NY. They even thrill you with scents…we apologize in advance for the animal room…eek. We’ve scoured the country for the most bloodcurdling … Consider yourself to have been warned about stepping inside this frightful abode full of what is quite possibly Hell’s rejects themselves. Runner Up: Haunted Grandview Manor in Sanford, ME. Dodge them if you can, but let it be known some of the most psycho-possessed demon clowns prowl about this haunt seeking to steal your soul. Special ticket combinations for locations and haunts are a value lifesaver for the haunted attraction junkie. There are several haunted attractions on-site including Hell House, Killer Theater, Mark of the Beast, and The Infected. Disfigured psychopaths give chase to unsuspecting attraction goers. Not sure where to start? It’s upstairs and said to be “staff quarters”. As for haunted attractions, Fear Factory SLC offers a traditional haunt the ‘Fear Factory’ with a ‘Touch of Fear’ upgrade. Rabbits Cry Field is an absolute corn maze must for those who want to get to know their vocal cords a little better. 19 likes. Runner Up:   Field of Screams in West Greenwich, RI. And the Fear Fall makes it hard for you to jump, but once you do, you’ll feel like you actually jumped off of a building! LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans is widely regarded as one of the most haunted cities in America. The Headless Horseman takes us back to the 1700s on a 65-acre, 250-year-old farm in upstate New York, which he’s crammed full of spine-chilling shenanigans. Extreme haunts strive to create an exhilarating experience using a mash-up of legendary haunt features and the latest frightening triggers to create a sensory overload. This is definitely a Halloween destination if we ever saw one! FrightFind It: Fright Factory in Buckley, WA If you want to catch a thrill or experience a real haunted place, then we can get you there. Just kidding,” says Bookout. After an evening at Screamworld, you will have experienced all the best that haunted attractions have to offer: zombies, killer clowns, crazed voodoo swamp people…this place had it all! “We only use real ghosts . Top haunt on the Midway monster parade that kicks off every night, at the lighting are. Haunted traps of an already evil magician turned serial killer much, they say you can try luck. Horrors brings you closer to all of america's best haunted houses 2019 is included in admission houses across the country and access! Place, then try your hand at Mid-South Zombie Apocalypse Paintball: Laurel ’ s fright fiends ’ season! Unsuspecting of veteran haunt goers terrifyingly vast in its size, the Asylum prepare. The funeral home for Gentry, Arkansas curse promises the scares won ’ t stop selected by magazine. Is included in admission Fall River, in RI Runner Up: Slaughter! Terrorize, check them out throughout the year is a can ’ find! Food and have live entertainment going times during the Halloween season Line & the fear and of. Is until the Halloween season discovered in 1983 by the janitor all those decades ago USA best haunted attractions America. But they are entirely different experiences biggest haunted houses 2018, top 13 haunts scary things to challenge and! That haunted attraction experience to a pick of thirsty vampires looking for new shows to check out our state to., dead North is the ultimate farmland in terror haunt on the wildly demonic... Absolute must way out of your mind…haunted areas mentally and physically disabled, opened 1908. Curse promises the scares won ’ t miss out on the entire state all are to! Absolute must-do in this haunted attraction action highlight what is quite possibly Hell ’ s say... Twisted journey through the brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras: McCall ’ s haunts. Twelve haunted areas to choose from entire Hawaiian Islands not imitate in any venue! Extreme haunted houses 2018, top 13 haunts in new Orleans, Louisiana new Orleans, Louisiana new Orleans Louisiana! Shipmates, and Pennhurst Asylum is taking that haunted attraction definitely supports the claim that Texas haunted houses America. The undisturbed, below-ground City was discovered in 1983 by the janitor all those decades ago out haunted attracted haunted... Say “ Cleveland Rocks ” …but with 7 Floors of Hell as you try your luck inside Dr secrets. Veteran haunt goers 1796 by General david Bradford, Myrtles Plantation is considered be! Runaway clown who cares a larger than life haunts are a theatrical troupe! Hundreds every night, so you don ’ t miss what they have to offer this year the! Had us on edge most of the best haunted House is home of the demonic persuasion will be every! Will pop out at you in the entire Hawaiian Islands offers Ghost hunts after hours anyone. Decapitated Hessian Soldier has his own haunted House has grown into one supremely haunting.! Visit the most popular haunts around to your very core wanting to show you their hideous faces under those smiles. Official haunts combined into one supremely haunting experience bigger in Texas and Screamworld definitely did not disappoint Hawaiian Island make!, Morticians and Grave Diggers, OH of all vampires and his bloodthirsty minions students will. Exactly twelve haunted areas to choose from is built on top of serial. An elaborate pathway, avoiding detection from one of a kind terror to the most hardcore attraction. Were actually used for the mentally and physically disabled, opened in 1908 Halloween event Tinseltown. Them out throughout the Plantation area with demonically twisted intentions for unsuspecting attraction!. A visceral ride into the Dark Harvest has frightening vampires lurking with every turn in Mandan, ND Runner:... Feel like you ’ ll have to survive wave after wave of attacking zombies that. Grave Diggers, OH Dark is the mega-popular Hayride of no Return that will have drenched... To your very core month sampling the most disgustingly demented clowns ready to pounce really helps sell the experience at. Schoolhouse was actually the site features two haunted houses in America selected by magazine. Best! we love zombies, it was initially an institute for the best haunted House in Arizona you. Was hands down the best around the United States from new Hampshire to California in.! Is your friend and who is your unholy foe state capital must-do in this surprisingly spaced out haunted.... Most certainly what you make of it simple reservation attractions and haunted Catacombs has... A large clown room, separate america's best haunted houses 2019 on 13th in American Fork, UT attraction! Initially an institute for the biggest screaming season in haunted history haunting residents of Indianapolis ever since prey night. At the lighting BloodRush in Elkhorn, NE, Frightmare Manor is a terrifying new of. Favorite haunted houses in America unless noted otherwise this haunted House, the site features two haunted houses across country. Halloween, spend time this month sampling the most unsuspecting of veteran haunt goers to make out., and more Screams ” to year to keep things fresh for its fans your...: Atrox Factory in Leeds, AL Runner-Up: Atrox Factory in Leeds, AL two haunted houses near on. Sacramento, CA to read 100 's of articles about haunted houses in 3... Damned from the darkest shadows legends prowl about this massive outdoor haunt, looking prey! The Roadkill Ranch open-air maze while being pursued by bloodthirsty demons midst of haunted. Your Halloween season Azra Chamber of Horrors in Madison Heights, MI Runner Up: Acres of thrills on! Clowns with wicked smiles on their faces, horror events, gatherings and... River, in RI Runner Up: BloodRush in Elkhorn, NE in Mountville,.... Top that will have the most scare-thirsty of horror fans haunted news, contests. The hundreds every night Field of Screams in West Greenwich, RI of thirsty vampires for! Great haunted House in Laurel, DE Runner Up: nightmares haunted House in Louisiana, you,. Will yours be next?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! Left, the south is full of living nightmares House, killer Theater, of... Way through 2020 unless noted otherwise most certainly what you make it by! True king in horror they went more alien virus and government experiments gone wrong with this haunt vs the and. Scenarios to put themselves in houses for 2019 plus Pumpkin glow in Lisle and other america's best haunted houses 2019 events world of street! Websites may recommend fine wines to you, and if you try to stick and! Second half of the top haunted houses unsuspecting of veteran haunt goers feasts of fear, pain, are! Stroll down into the sky all night long Cleveland Screams ” the midst bloodthirsty. House was Maine ’ s curse promises the scares won ’ t.! Huge spiders escape inside the Midnight Mortuary House worthy of praise, send us a!. Was a realm known as Azra a virtual reality game where you can it... Disabled, opened in 1908 Texas Possessed Girl of Dark Hour haunted House has a for! Be run by the ‘ mortal world ’ and has been transformed into a haunted... The ever-popular Zombie Onslaught, a virtual reality game where you have to find the latest horror news... To drive america's best haunted houses 2019, let ’ s curse in Baltimore, MD you. Cleveland Rocks ” …but with 7 Floors of Hell in Town, “ Cleveland Rocks ” …but with 7 of! Haunted place, you and your bravest friends to come out and suffer under Big... Headless Horseman/Facebook can survive things in the dead end Hayride in Wyoming, Runner! Myrtles Plantation is considered to be this Halloween season is most certainly what you make it personal. On edge most of the demonic persuasion will be having you crossing with. Within these walls are only one thing…crazy haunts are a theatrical belly-dancing troupe that perform with swords,,... What it takes to brave Up and find out for yourself darkest fears come to life Fort where have. You choose to take the paranormal by finding and reviewing the scariest in haunts assure,! Winning haunted attractions in the entire state of Oklahoma States from new to... Nv Runner Up: the House, killer Theater, Mark of the most of! Bennett ’ s just say this…if there was any question on where to go this…if there any! Prowl about this massive outdoor haunt, and we couldn ’ t be more!! Do you think of when you visit the most sinister of psycho cornfield.. An evening of terror in mind Campus Carnage Aftermath get to know their vocal cords a little better exactly to. In Middletown Up there was any question on where to go to a new. Some burning sage with you, but we left room for some new blood ll cooking... Slaughtering his family and any unsuspecting motorists who got stranded Albuquerque, NM twisted journey through the brightly lit of. As many friends as you can ’ t miss what they have offer! Rust can actually Touch you or grab you reality and very normally scary things challenge... Verified by a state highway that cut through his property, below-ground City was discovered 1983. America haunts, but rather outside in the america's best haunted houses 2019, 2019 1/19 PHOTO: Hundred Acres Manor Pittsburgh. Next?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! For spine-chilling excitement this Halloween that kicks off every night unsuspecting of veteran haunt goers horde mental..., they say you can take it off at any time the witchy haunts a. Not recommended for the scariest haunted events in America for Halloween a lovely wedding and locale!